The tools of storytelling in today’s world become more complex and layered every day. The convergence of social and electronic media dictate that you reach your target audience where they live, work and play. David and Doreen Blunt are the principals of Los Angeles, CA based, THE FAITH FACTORY and together they've helped businesses, individuals, faith-based and public sector clients frame their messages and tell their stories in a way that reaches out and changes lives since 1997.  In September 2012, Doreen formed BLUNT FORCE DRAMA LLC in Los Angeles, CA to tell the story of her pursuit of her family's identity.


Doreen says, "I grew up in a family where secrets where a way of life and we were taught at a young age to say nothing to strangers about our family and its history. We soon learned what questions and behaviours brought about a positive response and questions that could make our parents respond with anger and punishments. So we stopped asking questions about why we never knew the names of our grandparents, or spent time with Uncles or Aunts.


On April 5, 2010, I received a telephone call from my sister that changed my life. She called and said, Did you know Mom had a sister?  I had no idea nor did I know that this unknown Aunt had eleven children that I also did not know. I believed for most of my life that I was the youngest of five children but as we started digging into our history, my sister and I found out that we were the youngest of eight children!


We decided that we needed to reach out and find our siblings and their children and to bring our family together if we could. We joined our older brother (who had some information about where these relatives were) and went to the island of Dominica in October 2012,  to learn about our story and where we began. After we filmed the interviews we realized that we had a story that needed to be told and AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER was birthed. Our next trips will be to Martinique, West Indies, Glouchester, England and to Paris, France in 2018 to complete the journey and to tell the story of our ancestors."


Doreen is an Apple certified Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro Editor and Writer who has been shaping client messages and cutting shows since 1992. She has worked as on-air talent on both broadcast radio and television and guides clients though all phases of the production process.

She has been actively involved in service to the television and film community and is a Past President and former Executive Board member of Women in Film’s Washington DC chapter (WIFV-DC). She also served as Co-chair of Communications for Women in Film & Television International’s (WIFTI) Executive Board where she designed their digital newsletter and helped to increase their visibility. She is currently a member of WIF LA, the largest chapter based in Los Angeles, CA.

David is a successful business intelligence professional whose expertise in financial management, strategic planning and operations improvement have shaped both large and small companies to achieve their optimal organizational performance. Always at the forefront of continuous improvement business opportunities, David is seen as an accomplished, results-oriented leader in decision support. He has designed and developed both open-ended and guided analytical tools to exponentially improve business operations. As a leader in the business community, David not only lends his financial talents in the academic circles as an adjunct professor, he is also sought after by non-profit organizations in their quest to economically empower and enable disenfranchised members of society.


Now they have joined together to tell a personal story that destroys secrets, exposes lies and provides restoration.  AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER is a Dominican love story and a celebration of the bonds of family unity.

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